Our Story


We are Adam Kennedy and Kobe Seguin — two young, ambitious and forward-thinking individuals who launched Bay Apparel. We grew up together on the outskirts of North Bay, Ontario, so our perspective of life has always been one of an outsider. The time we spend outdoors adventuring, the activities and the sports we take part in all feed into that perspective. We both share a passion for style while also being cognizant of societal issues that surround us. Incorporating these interests and aspects of life, we wanted to create a clothing brand that portrays our lifestyle and contribute to solutions. With every collection, we donate a portion of our profit to causes we care about.
We created Bay Apparel so we can share with our community what it means to be an outsider, and hopefully inspire others to make a difference in their own way. Creating a community of Inspired Outsiders is our dream. So, the question that remains is — are you an outsider?